Mom’s Birthday Wish

This has been a tough week. Almost every time I have picked up a device this week it has reminded me that my Mom’s Birthday was yesterday.My mom loved to read. Just last fall she got a humongous book shelf built in her home. She moved a few years ago to small home that our family owned. There were books everywhere. These bookshelves belonged in house 5 times the size of her small patio home. My sisters and I spent part of one of Christmas break loading the books on the shelf.Not surprising to anyone in the family there were plenty of books that wouldn’t fit and were in smaller book cases in every nook and cranny around the house. There were books under the bed, on the fireplace and big stack beside her chair.She loved reading and loved books. I gave her a Kindle which she used sometimes, but she would still buy a copy of the book to put on her shelf. She would sometimes read a book a day. In the summer before last she participated in a book challenge to see how many books she could read. I believe she read 75 or more books.When she found an author she liked she would read all of the books usually in order. She didn’t normally read science fiction but she read a book by JD Robb, then preceded to read the whole series in a short span of time. She was ordering copies from all over the country. She wouldn’t get the Kindle versions which would have saved time and money.I stopped buying books several years ago and now read everything on my Kindle. When we were cleaning out her house, I was able to keep a few of my Mom’s books which I will hang onto as long as I can. I read about a book a month.If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed I have been posting a lot about dyslexia. This is because we recently found out that my daughter is dyslexic.I know my Mom would do everything she could to help Haddie . We have moved, and are trying to sell our house. For us this has meant longer work commutes. Haddie is attending a school the specializes in Dyslexia.We have learned so much about dyslexia in the past 6 months that we didn’t know before. It is hereditary. I have noticed signs that I am probably at least mildly dyslexic despite reading fine and having three degrees. I have difficulty with writing tasks. I hate texting and make plenty of typos in my Facebook posts. This has made me much happier in my work and home life. I know that probably won’t get my doctorate, but I am ok with that. I also know that I need to use Grammarly and have someone proofread my work before sending out anything important.Haddie’s school uses the Orton Gillingham method This is a proven method for helping dyslexic students. She will probably only need a few years there before returning to a regular school with the tools she needs to be successful. However very few regular schools use this method to help students with reading difficulties. Schools are way behind. That is why I had to take her to a school that specializes in dyslexia.If you do a quick Google search you will find plenty of dyslexics who are successful leaders, inventors and creative people. We need to do more to help students so they can be the next generation. If you know someone in education encourage them to do a little research on the subject. These students need your help.


Self Reflection for class

This is one of my last requirements of my EOTC course.  I am supposed to reflect on my individual teaching abilities. Strengths I have a unique perspective on teaching online.   I have took classes and worked in distance education for most of my career.  Before teaching I worked with the distance learning program Project LEAP.  I was an early adopter of online learning.  I took my first class in an online format in a distance learning classroom during the summer of 1997.  I completed my entire special education certification in this format.   Since I was familiar with the set up,  I worked as classroom facilitator in that classroom for Mississippi State University.  In the spring of  2005, I took my first asynchronous class.  The class had both synchronous and asynchronous components.  I will say that online education was still in it’s infancy at this time.  I completed an administration certification and my EdS in Instructional Technology.  After finishing my EdS I begin ETMOOC.  Part of the class was starting this blog.  The summer after #ETMOOC I started my first online teaching job teaching for the Impact Academy part time.  To my surprise Impact was more blended learning then online.  This is my 2nd time to take the GAVS training course.  I did not complete the student teaching the first time. I have been using online components in my class for most of my career.  It first it was a website I created for student to view and answer questions. Next I had the student begin to email their assignment in. In order to keep these assignments organized the student had to label both their email and the assignment a specific way.  Which was class period, last name, first name and assignment number.  It was easy to search through my email and find all the assignments that had been turned in correctly.  The next step was to use Angel LMS, which I believe now is part of Blackboard.  I took a class on online learning as part of my EdS program.  The program required me to design a shell and lesson inside Blackboard.  I learned a lot in the process.  Finally I have spent the last 3 years, teaching film and video production.  I discovered Google Classroom early on and have not looked back since.So I taught in pretty much every online format.  I have used a variety of LMS.  I have even started on next phases of the online revolution.  I believe taking online video classes  and mobile apps are the next step.   Three years ago, I started an instructional  web series on how to use your iOS device. I give explanations of how to do thing in 60 seconds or less.  The name of the series is Tap That iOS.   I have begun working on creating  mobile apps.   I earned my Apple Teacher Certification and am Google Ninja trained.

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Another strength I have is  experience and I have continued to work in the industry.  In both states that I have taught film and video, it was required that the teacher have several years of experience working in the industry.  The state has since changed the rules to help meet the demand.   I have met several teachers who come from a technology background but have no real working experience in the industry.  My experience in the education and the film industry has opened up a lot of doors for me.I continue to work and attend industry workshops to stay current in my field.  When I speak to my students I can speak from my experiences some as recently as this month.  This is one of the ways teaching a career tech is unique.  While I have been teaching I have seen the technology change tremendously.  I must stay current if I want to continue to do the best job for my students.  Weakness “Pain is weakness leaving the body”  – US Marine CorpI see my weakness is reading the data.  There is been so much emphasis on data I ran an item analysis on my final exam a few years ago.  I took it to several math teachers who did not give me very much feedback  on the situation.  More recently when  I am using Google forms to give test I can see data.  Some of it i can interpret.  Here is some results for a test I gave when my school was on a traditional schedule.IMG_0520 As you can see, the only 70.5 % of the student got the correct answer on question 23.  The next year we moved to a block schedule which allowed me to work more hands on with the students.  In addition, I attended some industry training over the summer so my students benefited from my additional knowledge.  Here are the results of same 2 questions the next year.IMG_0519Although I  don’t if 70.5% was an acceptable number of correct answers I do know that 91.1% is an improvement over the previous year.  Although the tests were not identical, they covered the same material in a slightly longer updated test. I hope you enjoyed this blog.


The following is a blog for my EOTC course.  I will be working with the following standard to create a competency:AAVTC-AVTFI-4 Demonstrate proper set-up and use of basic production equipment. 4.1 Demonstrate steps necessary to set-up, turn on, and operate equipment according to instructor’s directions. For this assignment the student would unpack the camera and build it.  Then they would attach all of the accessories.  Then they would put the camera on a tripod.  After setting the camera they would attach a lens and adjust to an object 15 feet away was in focus.The student would need to be able to do all of the steps.  They could either put it together themselves or they could look at camera that had been set up improperly and correct the mistakes.  For differentiation they could create a work product that could be used to put the camera together.UntitledI wasn’t sure how to do this but I think this is one of the ways the assignment could be done.  I hope you enjoyed the blog.

Evaluate 1 – Summative Assessments

This is a blog for my EOTC class.  In this blog , I am going to show examples of data from my assessments for one of my tests.  I was using Google forms to give my tests.  It provides a fair amount of data.  One option is to export the data to Google Sheets.  If the instructor knows the right formulas, they could probably extract more data using a spreadsheet. Here is the test.Test screen shotHere is the data that I can get from the screen shotAfter giving the test, I would usually display the data to the class.  This was a final and some students were exempt and the seniors had a different test so only 12 students took this.  On a normal test the students can see if they had the answer correct and compare that to how many got the answer correct.  On question #36 only half the class got the answer correct.  So this is a concept that I would usually go back over.  If you consider the seniors and the exempt students, I would have probably had better results. I hope you enjoyed this.  Please be sure to subscribe.

Quality Feedback

The following is a blog for my EOTC course.  I am wrapping up this course this weekend and will return to blogging about Film and Technology in the classroom.  Although all my EOTC coursework falls under the technology,  I want to go back to discussing film and video.For this assignment,I do not have any recent video assignments that I feel comfortable grading online.  I am borrowing an assignment from a fellow video teacher. His students produce a monthly news magazine that has won more awards then probably any other program in the country.  The students work is aired on cable tv and uploaded online.    I  know he would not have posted the video online unless it was quality work.  In case you are reading this Dave, your students do excellent work.  I just need to finish my assignments for my online class without digging through every hard drive I have around.Group 1 News Video

  • :00-:03 Nice use of natural sound to start the package
  • B-roll was nice and relevant
  • Nice choice of sound bites
  • You really needed an interview with authority figure, how do they feel?
  • Say it – prove it   ” you are doing nothing”  with students on their phones…. excellent
  • Make sure you move the tripod around to get a variety of angles.
  • This was a great package and  you turned it in early.
  • If you have extra time try adding a stand up
  • This is your best work so far, keep it up.

 In the example above the teacher cited specific examples and even noted the time code.  The student was instructed on how to improve on a project that was already great.  The teacher pointed out things that were good and bad.  The student should know what they did right on this project, what they did wrong and how to improve. That is it for now. Please subscribe to my blog.   

Finding Resources

The following blog is for my EOTC course.  For this assignment I did to find examples of text, pictures and video relating to a particular subject.The first resource I found was a picture of a C stand.C-StandBy Joseph T Wilkinson (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia CommonsThe second resource I found was this open access text on Mass Communications.   Schools are not allowed to download it but can use it for free online.  Some of the material is licensed in a way that only allows it to be used on this website.The third resource I found was this video introduction to a video production class.  This was on a website called Teacher Tube.  I know of plenty of other online videos that can be used for class but I wasn’t sure if had to come from this specific website.So there are my 3 examples of educational resources available.  I hope you enjoyed it.


The following is a blog for my EOTC course.  I created my script writing project.  The students must write a script based on the story of the 3 little pigs. The script must be written in the correct format. The script must include all of the items listed above.  I allow the students to look at other screenplays on popular websites like LA Screenwriter.  I also show them examples like the one below. 
I hope you enjoyed this blog.