Create 2 – Web Tools for Differentiation of Student Assessment

This is a blog for EOTC course.  For this blog I am suppose to create an assessment that allows the student to differentiate by creating a product for my class. I am going to have my students create a product using Prezi or Google Slides.   Here is the assignment.

Set Safety

Understand and follow safety procedures when working with TV equipment.

  1. 2.1  State general safety rules for operation of equipment and learning activities specific to film and TV.
  2. 2.2  Perform safe practices when working on assignments.
  3. 2.3  Transport equipment safely and securely.

For this assignment you will need to create a presentation using either Prezi or Google Slide to demonstrate safety when working on a film set.  You must include the 10 most important rules and terms about Film Set Safety. You will need to research using the Safety on Set, OSHA and other site regarding safety on a film set.


  1. Using Prezi or Google slides to create a presentation.
  2. Put each term or rule on a separate slide
  3. Define each term
  4. Include a picture that you have either taken or that has a creative commons license.
  5. Include a title slide
  6. Include a reference to cite where the information was from.

This is the general idea behind this project.  They will first research information, then take photos

I am attaching a copy of short sample project.  I am also including these picture of what I would be looking for.

Adobe Spark-7Adobe Spark-5Adobe Spark-4

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Create 3 – Open Educational Resources

The blog post is for my EOTC course.  For this assignment I suppose to be discussing different types of Creative Commons Licensing.  The material is easily found on the Creative Commons website.  With a Creative Common License the copyright owner still owns the copyright to their material but allows others to use their material provided they follow the rules.  These rules can be used separately or together.  The different types of licenses are:

SA – Share alike you must share you material in the same manner

ND- No Derivative work is allowed

NC- No Compensation means that you can not be paid for this work.

BY- Atttribution means you must give credit to original artist.

Open educational resources are resources you can use in your classroom.   It best to check to see what kind of licensing is available before you decide to use a resource in your classroom.  If you are unsure you should ask permission or not use it.  There are number of resources that allow you to search for items based on the licensing.  Both Flickr and Google have the option to search for only copyright free images.

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Create 3 – Fair Use and TEACH Act

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.  The following has to fair use and the TEACH act.  I am very familiar with Fair Use.  I regularly show my students the Fairly Use Tale included in this unit of work.  One example that was brought up at meeting I attended used the example of playing the movie Jaws to your students.  If you are a science teacher using it to show an example it would be ok to show a portion.  If you were a media teacher and you were showing example of  1970s blockbusters movies you could show parts of it.   However if you are math teacher and it is day before spring break this doesn’t give you an excuse to show this work to your classroom.

The TEACH act is something that I am just being introduced to .  According to the material this allow instructors to use the copyrighted material in online classroom under certain circumstances.  This exemption involve that is must be part of instruction, it must not be something that should be paid for.  It must be part of accredited institution for the exemptions to be met.

There are some materials that I am interested in using in my online classroom.  I am going to spend some time seeing if the rules would apply that would allow me to use them in my room.  Another thing I recommend is contacting the copyright holder to see if you can get permission.  As a media teacher, I know of example were the artist has allowed student to use material in their video just by asking permission.  You never know if  you don’t ask.

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Communicate 3 – Digital Feedback

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.  I hope you enjoy it.  For this assignment I am creating digital feedback for my class.

I recently found out about Chatter Pix.  This is an app that allows you to take a picture and draw a mouth on the picture.  Then you can record you voice.  The mouth on the picture will sync with your voice.  Here is the example I created.

The other source, I found for giving digital feedback is ToonDoo.  I didn’t like this because it made you sign up and it also used flash .  I moved on because I had trouble with the website and it already had 2 strikes against it.   Instead I used Adobe spark which is becoming my go to source online to create new material.

Adobe Spark

The other suggested website would not work so I used a meme generator.  I like this because the student love to share memes on social media.  I am curious about how copyright applies to these sites and apps.  Since it is a parody I believe it is ok, just in case I stayed away from a popular one that I would have used.


So I am curious, what did you think?

Communicate 2 – Ongoing Communication

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.  This is about ways to communicate with the parents and students regularly.

One way of communicating with the parents is providing updates to release grades through a grade portal.  At my new school I will be sending these through Infinite Campus.  With an online classes you can do this too.  Whenever I updated a lot of grades, I would always send out a message to students and parents to let them know they had been updated.  One thing to be careful about doing with these group emails is to send them via BCC because of FERPA.  I noticed that the program I was using was doing that but never understood why until now.

I do not have access to my old  emails but they looked something like this.

Dear Parents and Students,

I just finished grading the Photo Scavenger Hunt.  This was our 2nd major grade this semester.  Your updated and average and the grade for the assignment have been posted online.  

If you did not turn in this assignment your grade probable dropped significantly because there are so few grades in the grade book at this time.  Fall break is coming up and you may need to spend some of this time catching up on your work.  Your grade will go up when you turn in this assignment, so please do it soon.  

If you need any help please attend my online session on Tuesdays or email me.  

Another way of communicating with all the shareholders is by using newsletters.  This is something I have never done before but it looks like I am gong to be using . These look like a good place to brag about  what is going on in your classroom.  Here is the example I created using more.

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Web Tools for Differentiation of Teacher Instruction

This blog is for my EOTC course.  For this assignment I am creating instruction based on photo assignment which I have used before.  I hope this is ok.  I am using Book Creator but you could use other tools that allow you to post books online.

In Book Creator you can add video, photos and audio to your book so you can differentiate in your design.  Just like any desktop publishing program you can change fonts, backgrounds, colors, etc.

What I like about using Book Creator is the range of option for exporting.  Book Creator allows the instructor to differentiate your final product by exporting an eBook, a video, a PDF over even post online.  I have created a book and video previously.  For this assignment I am posting the results as an online book, since I have not created one before.  It is important to know that I took all the pictures included in this book.  Plus since I was  AVTF teacher for many years my students gave permission to post their work online.  Students were excited when they found out they would be used as examples to show the next class.  So here is my product.

It does cut off the thumbnail, but I was able to fix it.  This is a fairly new feature for Book Creator  So I can imagine this being fixed in the future.  I am interested in creating ebooks with my students, not just for instruction, but for assessment and publicity.  

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Evaluate 1 – Formative Assessments

The following blog is part of my EOTC class.  I moved to a paperless classroom 5 years ago.  This has helped me out because I was forced to put my material online.  At the school I am leaving I had 90 GB stored on my Google Drive.  I am not going to say all of it was material that would have been printed.

So it should not be a surprise that my assessments are online too.  One of my favorite was to assess my students was to use Quizlet.  I encouraged my students to go to the site to study the words using the match game.  I had my students log into Quizlet so they could see the scores.  I would always play the game of few times.  The game kept a record of the high scores.  I would challenge the students to beat my scores, the scores of the other classes and old record holders.  While the student were playing the game, I would go around a look at the individual student scores to see how they were doing.  There were usually a few who get pretty competitive.  I judged the class on how the class as a whole averaged out.

When I finished the unit in my class,  It would be no surprise to find out that I used Quizlet again for 2 purposes.  One is I would use Quizlet live as review.  The students were fiercely competitive playing this game.  Once one group was ahead a few times, I would switch the groups.  The student would often use silly names, I would join in quietly from my computer under a false identity and play along.

The second way I would use Quizlet is to help me write the test at the end of the unit.  Whenever I would get stuck, I would use the Quizlet test mode to help me construct new questions.  I told the students this and I would see them taking the tests on their own.

The following is a Quilt  over film terms I created for my class.  I broke down this unit over several days because it is a lot of material.  I would give the students time at the beginning or the end of class to use the computers.   Quizlett

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