Create 4 – Aggregating Lesson Material

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.

I have been using Google Classroom for the last few years to collect and present material to my students.  I did a demonstration of how easy it was to get started especially if you already use Google Apps frequently.  There are constantly adding features to the software.  One of the latest features is the ability to use this outside a education setting.  The problem I have with it is that it requires material to be uploaded at a daily or weekly basis.  There is no way to upload all the materials at beginning of the semester and leave it.  You can easy post questions, assignments or announcements into the feed. The material is stored in your Google drive so it is really easy to maintain.  Grading assignments is fairly easy and I believe you could export your results on an assignment.

I have also used Blackboard to teach my online Digital Photography class.  What I liked about Blackboard, is you were able to put everything into groups.  I would put my course materials in a folder.  Then I could put everything for week 1 in a folder, week 2 in a different folder etc.  When I used it last everything was put into units.  I did not set up the class but it worked just like that.  I was put in due dates and the assignments would show up on a calendar.  The biggest problem I had all the elective classes used Blackboard and the other classes were using a different system.  The students had to log out of one system and log into another.  This caused a lot of confusion.  Overall it was a good program but it would have been better to have had all the course in the same system.

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Create 4 – Build Portable Learning Objects

This is a blog for my EOTC class.  For this assignment I had to create 2 online learning tools.  I was hard to find a free learning tool that was compatible with a make.  The first learning tool I found  was Quiz Works.  I created this short quiz.  I saw plenty of paid options.  One of those options was an Adobe program that have some access too.  The only problem is it would have taken a little time to learn the software.   I would use this for formative assessments.

The other software that I was able to use was insert learning.  I had to use a chrome browser to create this material.  You can create a limited amount for free.  Here are the screenplay questions  I was able to create using the site.  I would use the tool to check to see if the student understood the format of screenplay before they started writing.

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Create 4 – Learning Object Authoring Tools

The following is a blog for my EOTC course.

I was looking for elearning tools.  The first place I found was Class Tools.  On this site you could create your own tools to use in your classroom.  It had several templates to chose from.  I was interested in using a tool called Post it.  This allowed you to upload a photo for for the students to label.  I think this could be used to label parts of fish in a science class or label countries on map in geography.  The thing that is holding me back is that it requires flash.  I have Flash installed on my Mac but I could not use these tools on my iPad.  I rarely use a laptop or desktop these days.  So anything I use most be compatible with a iPad.  If you have control of your learning environment, like in computer lab this wouldn’t be a problem.  All learning tools should be mobile friendly.

The second site I located was Exelearning .  I like that resource could be exported in a format that could be used with online learning.  It produced a scorm file which can be used with LMS.  The problem I saw was it didn’t look like it had been updated recently.  It was a really active website about 5 year ago but it has only had a few recent update.  Technology has changed so much in the last five years.  All learning tools need to be updated on a regular basis.

So both of these tools are out for me.  I am sure there are other available so I will keep looking in the future for something I can use.

Communicate 3 – Evaluation Methods

The following blog is for my EOTC class.  In this section the importance of authentic feedback was discussed.  All student assignments should have some feedback.  Even things like quizzes need feedback.  The students will see the feedback as a source of encouragement. This is what the students need to keep going in am online environment.  The students are on their own, communicating will give them a boast to keep going, correct errors and improve their work.

When giving feedback this generation need something more then just “good job”.  Suppose a student get 8 out 10 questions correct, you should comment on what they missed. This will help the student improve next time.  Giving specific feedback helps the learners to connect with the instructor.  This lets the student know that the instructor is paying attention to their performance in class rather then just entering a grade.  

When I first began teaching online, I believed that everyone out there was just just working away on the assignments.  I think some students are trying to avoid the typical classroom experience so they take online courses.  I have taught both students who were motivated and students who were not motivated by the online experience.  I even had a student finish the class several months early because it was an elective.  They wanted to spend their time concentrating on their core subjects.  Then I also had students who would not log in for several days unless I prompted them. This is why these student need the feedback. 

Have you ever taken an online class? Were you motivated to finish the work or did you just barely pass? I started this course and rushed through the first couple of assignments.  After a week or so, I lost my motivation.  If I had had some feedback this might have made a difference.  Instead I had some other motivation which has helped me to move forward. 

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? In what ways might an instructor enrich a student’s online experience through feedback?

Create 3 – Locating Resources

The following blog is for my EOTC course.  For this assignment I did to find examples of text, pictures and video relating to a particular subject.

The first resource I found was a picture of a C stand.


By Joseph T Wilkinson (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

The second resource I found was this open access text on Mass Communications.   Schools are not allowed to download it but can use it for free online.  Some of the material is licensed in a way that only allows it to be used on this website.

The third resource I found was this video introduction to a video production class.  This was on a website called Teacher Tube.  I know of plenty of other online videos that can be used for class but I wasn’t sure if had to come from this specific website.

So there are my 3 examples of educational resources available.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Communicate 3 – Rubrics

The following is a blog for my EOTC course.  I created my script writing project.  The students must write a script based on the story of the 3 little pigs. The script must be written in the correct format. 

The script must include all of the items listed above.  I allow the students to look at other screenplays on popular websites like LA Screenwriter.  I also show them examples like the one below. 
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Create 2 – Web Tools for Differentiation of Student Assessment

This is a blog for EOTC course.  For this blog I am suppose to create an assessment that allows the student to differentiate by creating a product for my class. I am going to have my students create a product using Prezi or Google Slides.   Here is the assignment.

Set Safety

Understand and follow safety procedures when working with TV equipment.

  1. 2.1  State general safety rules for operation of equipment and learning activities specific to film and TV.
  2. 2.2  Perform safe practices when working on assignments.
  3. 2.3  Transport equipment safely and securely.

For this assignment you will need to create a presentation using either Prezi or Google Slide to demonstrate safety when working on a film set.  You must include the 10 most important rules and terms about Film Set Safety. You will need to research using the Safety on Set, OSHA and other site regarding safety on a film set.


  1. Using Prezi or Google slides to create a presentation.
  2. Put each term or rule on a separate slide
  3. Define each term
  4. Include a picture that you have either taken or that has a creative commons license.
  5. Include a title slide
  6. Include a reference to cite where the information was from.

This is the general idea behind this project.  They will first research information, then take photos

I am attaching a copy of short sample project.  I am also including these picture of what I would be looking for.

Adobe Spark-7Adobe Spark-5Adobe Spark-4

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