Evaluate 1 – Quality Feedback

The following is a blog for my EOTC course.  I am wrapping up this course this weekend and will return to blogging about Film and Technology in the classroom.  Although all my EOTC coursework falls under the technology,  I want to go back to discussing film and video.

For this assignment,I do not have any recent video assignments that I feel comfortable grading online.  I am borrowing an assignment from a fellow video teacher. His student produce a monthly news magazine that has won more awards then probably any other program in the country.  The students work is aired on cable tv and uploaded online.    I  know he would not have posted the video online unless it was quality work.  In case you are reading this Dave, your students do excellent work.  I just need to finish my assignments for my online class without digging through every hard drive I have around.

Group 1 News Video

  • :00-:03 Nice use of natural sound to start the package
  • B-roll was nice and relevant
  • Nice choice of sound bites
  • You really needed an interview with authority figure, how do they feel?
  • Say it – prove it   ” you are doing nothing”  with students on their phones…. excellent
  • Make sure you move the tripod around to get a variety of angles.
  • This was a great package and  you turned it in early.
  • If you have extra time try adding a stand up
  • This is your best work so far, keep it up.


In the example above the teacher cited specific examples and even noted the time code.  The student was instructed on how to improve on a project that was already great.  The teacher pointed out things that were good and bad.  The student should know what they did right on this project, what they did wrong and how to improve.

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Create Reflection

The following blog is a reflection for my EOTC course.  This was favorite unit to work on.

Standard B: 

In this unit I  learned about different tools available and  created materials for the learning environment.

Standard C:

I met this standard by creating maps to understand and plan to cover subject material.  I will also differentiate the types of material for my class.

Standard E: 

I am very familiar with copyright and fair use.  One thing I was not familiar with was the Teach act.  There are also a lot of resources available under different types of licensing.

Standard K:
In this blog, I discussed different ways of sharing the learning material.  I now understand that there are difference between a LMS and a CMS.  

The module encouraged me to not only to create material for my online class but to use freely available resources out there.  The instructor should use a variety of material to create and differentiate in the learning environment.  I think think this about sums up the material in this unit.

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Create 4 – Aggregating Lesson Material

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.

I have been using Google Classroom for the last few years to collect and present material to my students.  I did a demonstration of how easy it was to get started especially if you already use Google Apps frequently.  There are constantly adding features to the software.  One of the latest features is the ability to use this outside a education setting.  The problem I have with it is that it requires material to be uploaded at a daily or weekly basis.  There is no way to upload all the materials at beginning of the semester and leave it.  You can easy post questions, assignments or announcements into the feed. The material is stored in your Google drive so it is really easy to maintain.  Grading assignments is fairly easy and I believe you could export your results on an assignment.

I have also used Blackboard to teach my online Digital Photography class.  What I liked about Blackboard, is you were able to put everything into groups.  I would put my course materials in a folder.  Then I could put everything for week 1 in a folder, week 2 in a different folder etc.  When I used it last everything was put into units.  I did not set up the class but it worked just like that.  I was put in due dates and the assignments would show up on a calendar.  The biggest problem I had all the elective classes used Blackboard and the other classes were using a different system.  The students had to log out of one system and log into another.  This caused a lot of confusion.  Overall it was a good program but it would have been better to have had all the course in the same system.

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