Hi, my name is Chris Holcomb. For the past 20 years, I have worked as a film and video production teacher. Before going into teaching, I did video production work for the University of Mississippi and Baptist College of Health Sciences. While I was working at Ole Miss, I recorded everything from lectures to sporting events. Part of my job included working on an education program called Project LEAP. This was a distance learning program that was broadcast live via satellite to locations across the state and country for 3 hours a day. Since then I have been involved with distance education in a variety of ways. I have broadcast live surgeries, worked as a site facilitator, took classes on Blackboard, and finally offered online components in my current classes. I have just recently finished my EdS in Instructional Technology. I am looking for ways to combine my love of video production and technology with education. My latest project is a weekly series of instructional videos about how to use a iPads and iPhones. Here is the http://www.youtube.com/tapthatios

Here are some of the many ways you can reach me:
Email Holcomb.ca@gmail.com
Twitter @holcombca



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