Communication Laws

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.   This unit was about communication laws.One of the things I found out about in the unit was TCPA which is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.  This is a rule that make it unlawful to call cell phones with automated dialing equipment.  This was shocking because I receive prerecorded messages all of the time.  I was discussing this with a coworker who was sure that schools systems have an exemption since they must contact the masses.  We were also sure that somewhere we had probably agreed to receive these messages as part of our employment.A teacher should use caution when communicating with parents online.   I was always told to ask to speak in person or via phone with the parent.  It is also important to not share grade information with anyone other than the student or parent.  I always refer parents to Infinite Campus.  This is our portal for parents to be able to see grades.The last thing in this unit was about intellectual  property.  There are 2 videos that I use to explain this concept to my students.  The first is a video by CGP Grey.  He explains the origins and current copyright law.

 The other is a video created by Stanford Law to explain Fair Use.
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Communication Definitions

Yes, this is another blog  relating to my online course.  I started this blog as result of partipating in #etmooc a few years ago.  The experience changed my professional goals.  Maybe this course will do the same thing.  This blog is a response to a Ted Talk about communication.  I think technology has changed the way I communicate in a good way.  I can edit what I am saying, sometimes even after I have posted it.  This is helpful. Even though I have a BA in journalism and a minor in English I am not much of a writer. I think faster then I can type….. especially on this phone.  So in the process mistakes are made. Not sometimes, but all of the time.  Editing comes in handy.  So maybe by the time someone reads this it will be edited.  Technology has changed my classroom in a big way.  Students seem addicted to their phones.  I am very technology friendly but have had to back down a lot.  If something is going on at school, I can usually tell by how distracted my students are during class.  I do not allow them to use their phones unless it is for an assignment.  However it is hard to stop everyone from using their phones. Even the parents are texting and calling during the day.  If I stopped class every time I would get very little done. So I have pick my battles.   Yes we have rules but little was done this year.  So I handled it in class. The problem with this phone addiction is that the students are missing out on important parts of life.  We had a guest speaker in an assembly.  He was really good. Most of the students had their phones out.  I took pictures at graduation this year and posted them online.  I was asked to remove several pictures because the students were playing games on their phones.  One was even wearing headphones.  It is crazy and will not get better until big changes are made. I know of a few schools that require students to leave phones in lockers during the day.  Others that impose fines to parents.  I see a day when we have 12 step programs for phone addiction.  Do you agree? Disagree?  Let me know  if you have any suggestions Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for more upcoming ideas for your media classroom. Subscribe to my youtube channel for iOS tips.

Navigate – Screen Capture

The following is an assignment for my EOTC course.

I would use screen capture to demonstrate how to use software and websites.  I like to embed them in my website if possible.   In an online teaching environment, this give the students the option of watching the video over again to help them understand it.  For the teacher, the can do it once and it is done.  As new features become available the video can be recorded again.  

Another nice thing is the ability to edit the video.  I did not edit the video above because  I was trying to simulate the normal classroom teacher.  As a video professional, I would outline and write a script.  Then I would record the video and then I record a voice over using a professional microphone.  The product would be then edited to a reasonable total run time.  This is how I record my videos for my instructional Youtube series.  In the video, I show how to use iOS devices.  

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Course Creation within LMS

The following blog is for my online EOTC class.  For this module, I am supposed to download some material and upload it into a shell.  I am short on time so I will be completing this part later.  I need to finish the section in order to unlock the next class module.  I am unable to use my laptop at my location so I am just working on blogs and watching video on my phone.  YuckSo far I have downloaded the material to my desktop.  I have the entire folder with all of the pieces of the class.  I need to upload it to my shell but it must be zipped first. I zipped it on my computer and uploaded it.  After it uploaded it started to unzip or unpack the material.  At this point I ran into an error.   This blog is not finished  and neither is my shell but I need to post this for now to move on.

LMS Reporting

The following is a blog for my EOTC class. I am currently writing these last few assignments on my phone while waiting on my daughter while she is at camp. I am just going to say that most of this work can be completed from an iOS device, but I would say it is not recommended. I had to skip some assignments for right now. As a big iOS fan, I would suggest a mobile version of  this LMS.  This would make this part easier on me and if the place had wifi I could use my laptop.  This unit is about grade reporting and analytics.  These are both valuable tools once you get the hang of it.  When I was using Blackboard I believe the students would have a progress bar and a grade.  This can be confusing for the students, parents and sometimes the school personnel.  I had this problem where a student would complete the 3 of 27 assignments.  If the student made a perfect score on each of these, their grade would be a 100.  The problem is that they have completed around 11% of the work and may not of completed the first test yet.  Some of the grade book programs and school personnel would show that the student had a  100 hundred on a progress report.   When a student is behind on their work, it leaves a dilemma for the teacher. If you put in zeros on the missing work, their grade would be correct but the progress would show that student was progressing in the class.  I would usually put in enough zeros to get the student’s attention and notify the students and parents that they had earned zeros on missing work.  I allowed them to make up the missing work to pull up their grade usually with a small penalty.    I think the progress bar is the most important tool if it is used correctly.  It lets the student know where the finish line is.  I even had a student finish the course early so they could concentrate on their other classes. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please email me if you have any suggestions Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for more upcoming ideas for your media classroom. Subscribe to my youtube channel for iOS tips.

LMS Tool Categories

The following is a blog for my online EOTC class.  Identify the major tool categories in Learning Management Systems.The most important tools in most LMS are the ones for communication and grading.   For most of my career, I have had some sort of online assignments for my class.  Communication tools are those most important to online assignments.  Do the students know when the assignments are due? Do they know where to find the requirements of these assignments? Do you have a way to remind the students of upcoming due dates and assignments? Most of my students who had trouble with my online assignments had the same problem.  They simply refused to log on or go to the relevant site to find the information.  My students who were good at communication where the students who were most successful.  They would often turn in assignments ahead of time or ask questions relevant questions to upcoming assignments.  Another aspect of communication was the ability to announce upcoming due dates.  This was a nice little reminder to the students that a deadline is approaching.  I also like the ability to send group emails.  I use these sometimes to remind students that an assignment was due yesterday or that day.  I have found out that some of the students would complete their work but neglect to turn it in.  So this helped to get in missing assignments.  Grading is another tool.  This allows the teacher to give valuable feedback to the students.  This unit didn’t go into depth but I have scanned ahead to other units (  doing work on phone/ wifi issues).  In my experience most recently with Google Classroom, was the ability to leave feedback was great.  With the feedback, I could say great job but you skipped 2 items. This way the student knows their work is fine but they need to more careful.

LMS Tools

The following blog is an assignment for my EOTC class.This assignment asked which LMS is best. This is a tough question. I have used several different learning management services both as a teacher and as a student. I have spent the most time in the Blackboard family of LMS. I was happy with this service. If I had to pick one of the ones listed it would be Blackboard.It was not listed, as an LMS but I like Google Classroom. There is a little debate over whether it should be considered a LMS. Having used both, I can tell you I prefer it over Blackboard. I have been using it for the last 3 years and it has improved greatly. The latest version allows me to allows me to add additional teachers and parent accounts. It is integrated with Google apps like Google docs and Slides. As the feature improve on these apps, the features improve on Google classroom. The main feature I see that is lacking is the ability to export the grades into a grade book program. However, there are ways to export the grades to a format that can easily entered into grade book programs.Let me know about your favorite LMS and suggestions  Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for more upcoming ideas for your media classroom.