Tap That Returns

I am currently working on new episodes of our web series Tap That.  Tap That is web series of instructional videos to help the viewers with their iOS devices.  This started as me recording videos on my iPhone for my mother. She was a new iOS user and too far away for me to help in person.  

Since the series has been on break for a while.  I plan updating the format a little.  Originally, the videos were only about iOS features and native iOS apps.  The plan is to feature other apps available on iOS , such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Google Photos.  I expect anyone who had smartphone a few years to be able to easily navigate these apps, but what about those users getting their first device.  Don’t you think your aunt and uncle who held on to their flip phone might need your help. Who s going to help them? I am sure you don’t have all Saturday to show them how to change their ringtone and log into Facebook.  Just send them in our direction and we will be happy to help.  And remember keep tapping.


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Lucasfilm Entertainment 1110 Gorgas Ave San Francisco, California 94129 May 4, 2016 Dears Sirs, The next Star Wars movie is 7 months away. There no denying Star Wars fans young and old are excited to see Rogue One. After seeing the trailer, and watching it several times in scholarly pursuits, I found a problem with […]

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The Real Killer of Bruce Wayne’s Parents In “Gotham’

Interesting take on Bruce Wayne’s parents murder.

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The great mystery in Fox’s new show Gotham is the actual identity of Bruce Wayne’s parent’s killer. If you have watched all the episodes, then the murderer might be the oldest punchline in the history of murder mysteries ie “The Butler did it.”

Le’s look at the evidence we know it. The killer is described as having “shiny shoes.” This could be one of the telling mistakes that Alfred made while killing his employers. If this was a common street thug, his shoes might not necessarily toned to a high shine. A person with shiny shoes would not be accustomed to walking in alleyways. Furthermore, the “robbery angle” seems to be a bit off considering that the Wayne’s gave this robber everything he wanted without struggle. He shot them anyway and purposefully left the boy alive. If you are willing to murder two people in cold blood, then why not…

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The best camera is the one you have in your hand.

I have heard that the best camera is the one you have in your hand.  I couldn’t agree more after my experience this morning.  I was letting the dogs outside and realized my hibiscus had bloomed.  There was just something about the light at the moment that made be grab my phone and take a couple of pictures.  Image

After looking at my pictures, I decided to get my good camera, put on the 50 mm  and take a few.  This was a little difficult because I was standing on chair that was shaking, and constantly adjusting the composition, settings and the focus ( some manual and some autofocus) while trying to keep the house out of the shot.  

You can take a look at the my 8 best shots from the good camera. There is no such thing as a few pictures with my good camera.    They are good but I believe the iPhone was better in terms of convenience and quality.  In the my good camera’s defense,  the lens fogged up and perhaps the sun had moved by the time I took the second shots.  I don’t know you be the judge. First the iPhone. 


Now the C……


iOS Video Production

I didn’t realize we had posted this.

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The following is a revision of 2 previous articles I wrote on my own blog. After posting the first blog, I realized that I needed more so I wrote a second blog. Now a few months later I realized the need for few more revisions so alas, a third draft/ blog. The original blog was aimed for schools needing video support but this really applies to anyone using an iPad for video production.

Last week, I found out I was I getting an iPad for my class. This was quite a surprise because I had not asked for an iPad. Apparently, one of the other broadcast video teachers asked for a device to take to the Student Television Network Conference. Our students are competing at the conference, and instead of hauling a desktop computer and camera to the conference, he was able to convince our coordinator that it would…

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