Job search begins today

As I stated in my intro, I am looking for something more out of my career. Why? I have evolved in the last 10 years. I now how another mouth to feed, a general interest in what else is out there, and more bills to pay. Last year, I started off by casting my net a little wider hoping to catch a few offers. It worked I had few interviews and a potential job offer I declined. The offer wasn’t something I was interested in, I had been on another interview with the same place but they filled it with an internal candidate. When they called they acted as I had good interview but the decision had been made to move someone internally. They really wanted me to apply for this second job because I had the right qualifications and experience. It was a tough decision because it did have a key component to my happiness, one thing that I am missing now. Anyway, I applied for way too many things last year. The other day the last of the jobs, I had applied for last year was filled. So I started my search hours ago and have already found several potential matches. I will start applying tomorrow. Now back to bed.


What a Difference a Week Can Make.

I am home today with my daughter and reflecting on the events of last week. First off, I am lost and not sure I am know what I am doing with this Etmooc. Second, I am inspired as I have been in a long time today. Since last night I started a community for fellow broadcast teachers in Georgia. I have already created several documents for this community. I am going to open them up so we share information. As of right now, I am the only member of this community and I am already starting discussions. Call me Crazy. Third, I am in the process of adding my new to my signature on all of my email accounts. Fourth, after Monday night I updated my profile on several of my accounts. Does this picture make me look fat? professional? cool? Fifth, next year my students are writing blogs. I don’t know what about yet, but I am hoping to have the answer to that before lunch. If you need me today, I will be home tweeting, posting, creating my future. Here is my contact info.

You can bring a horse to water part 2

I teach video production. One the biggest obstacles I have is the curriculum. The name alone screams hands on course. The curriculum is anything but hands on ( history, scriptwriting, law). In order to compensate for this problem, I try to move quickly through the book work. This leaves more time for hands on work. Sounds like a good plan right? In order to move more quickly I am trying a lot of new things. One of these things is Google Docs. So, I asked my students to get a Google account so I could share things with them. Last semester, I put me exam review sheet online. Normally, my students copy down terms during class time while I review. This year I pulled up my Google Doc of my review sheet on my video projector and passed out the laptops. While I was reviewing, the students took notes in the review sheet. It didn’t work perfect but it was interesting.

This brings me to my point, the morning of my review I emailed several people to tell them about my activity. I invited them down to see either the success or failure of my online collaborative review sheet. I was disappointed because no one showed up or even responded to my email. I realize that people might have had other things to do and that not every email demands a response. However, it would have been nice to have had a ” sorry I couldn’t make it, how did it go?”

This has become a major pet peeve of mine, people who do not respond to emails. In some cases, I don’t believe they are even reading my email, which is just insulting. I researched and read in business situations that email should be responded to within 24 hours. I am sure I have missed an email, on occasion, but I work with some frequent violators. From now on, I am going to reword all my emails to suggest that not responding is agreeing to something. For instance, I might suggest ” unless you hear back, you can pay for tonight’s meal”. Or ” I told my teenage son and his friends that you would let me know if you didn’t want them swimming in your pool while you out of town. ” So unless they open their email and respond they are agreeing to the statements.

The other option is a start a policy that states by not answering an email, you give the sender an option to write their own response from the receiver. So if you send an emailing asking for a day off, if they don’t respond to your own email. You could send yourself an email telling you to take a week.
That all for now.

You can bring a horse to water

Is it just me or am I the only person in my building who is excited about technology? I sent out a email asking if anyone else was taking etmooc……. crickets. For most of my career, I have been the go to person when you had a question. Yes, we have people in the building who are paid to do this task. For the most part they are too involved with extracurricular activities and administrative duties to be of much help. So I get called on a lot to do some of these tasks. The problem isn’t really doing them but the fact that teachers could do these tasks if they cared to learn. Luckily, I have students who I can trust to help me out with this. The tasks take time out my day. So at the end of the day, I am stuck finishing up my work while everyone else is running for the door. Technology is supposed to make your job easier, but I have found that blissful ignorance of technology makes your life easier. Why worry about technology, when someone else will do it for you. To be continued

Early morning disclaimer

Most of the creative work I do, is done in the middle of night. It takes several revisions to get my work somewhat acceptable for public viewing. I am kind of a dyslexic typer and using my thumbs on my iPhone only compounds this problem. So even though my early education is in journalism, don’t expect much. If I was doing my work during the middle of the day there would several people to proofread my work. However, I have come to despise people proofreading my work because they only want to reword everything I say, not merely correct it. I failed to mention that I spent a good portion of my childhood located extremely close to Mississippi. For those of you who do not know, Mississippians have their own set of grammar rules. So with all that being said, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Shouting, I know. Talk to y’all soon.

What now?

I just finished my Ed.S. in Instructional Technology. Since finishing my degree, I have been inspired to take my career to the next level. I have been working on several new projects since August. The first is an iBook for my class. About midway through the semester, I found out my curriculum was changing so I put it aside until just recently. I decided to take one chapter from the iBook and try it out this semester. So I threw together a rough draft and released a short “booklet” to my students.

My second major project is producing educational videos. After attending a video production industry meeting, I got the idea to start producing my own educational videos. My thoughts are to produce short high quality videos. If they are good and short enough people will watch them until they learn the material. So far we have have recorded 20 episodes and released 6 videos. We are releasing a new one weekly. My YouTube channel is These are short videos on how to use your iPhone and iPad. My goal is to eventually create some videos similar to C.G.P Grey

So what do I mean by taking my career to the next level? Well this is what this blog is about. Armed with my new degree, some great ideas, and few new creations, I plan to change my current career path.