Communicate 3 – Digital Feedback

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.  I hope you enjoy it.  For this assignment I am creating digital feedback for my class.

I recently found out about Chatter Pix.  This is an app that allows you to take a picture and draw a mouth on the picture.  Then you can record you voice.  The mouth on the picture will sync with your voice.  Here is the example I created.

The other source, I found for giving digital feedback is ToonDoo.  I didn’t like this because it made you sign up and it also used flash .  I moved on because I had trouble with the website and it already had 2 strikes against it.   Instead I used Adobe spark which is becoming my go to source online to create new material.

Adobe Spark

The other suggested website would not work so I used a meme generator.  I like this because the student love to share memes on social media.  I am curious about how copyright applies to these sites and apps.  Since it is a parody I believe it is ok, just in case I stayed away from a popular one that I would have used.


So I am curious, what did you think?


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