Create 3 – Fair Use and TEACH Act

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.  The following has to fair use and the TEACH act.  I am very familiar with Fair Use.  I regularly show my students the Fairly Use Tale included in this unit of work.  One example that was brought up at meeting I attended used the example of playing the movie Jaws to your students.  If you are a science teacher using it to show an example it would be ok to show a portion.  If you were a media teacher and you were showing example of  1970s blockbusters movies you could show parts of it.   However if you are math teacher and it is day before spring break this doesn’t give you an excuse to show this work to your classroom.

The TEACH act is something that I am just being introduced to .  According to the material this allow instructors to use the copyrighted material in online classroom under certain circumstances.  This exemption involve that is must be part of instruction, it must not be something that should be paid for.  It must be part of accredited institution for the exemptions to be met.

There are some materials that I am interested in using in my online classroom.  I am going to spend some time seeing if the rules would apply that would allow me to use them in my room.  Another thing I recommend is contacting the copyright holder to see if you can get permission.  As a media teacher, I know of example were the artist has allowed student to use material in their video just by asking permission.  You never know if  you don’t ask.

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