The Real Killer of Bruce Wayne’s Parents In “Gotham’

Interesting take on Bruce Wayne’s parents murder.

Curious Intentions Media

The great mystery in Fox’s new show Gotham is the actual identity of Bruce Wayne’s parent’s killer. If you have watched all the episodes, then the murderer might be the oldest punchline in the history of murder mysteries ie “The Butler did it.”

Le’s look at the evidence we know it. The killer is described as having “shiny shoes.” This could be one of the telling mistakes that Alfred made while killing his employers. If this was a common street thug, his shoes might not necessarily toned to a high shine. A person with shiny shoes would not be accustomed to walking in alleyways. Furthermore, the “robbery angle” seems to be a bit off considering that the Wayne’s gave this robber everything he wanted without struggle. He shot them anyway and purposefully left the boy alive. If you are willing to murder two people in cold blood, then why not…

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