Scavenger Hunt Assignment Update

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.  I have written about this scavenger hunt assignment before.  The assignment involves the students taking pictures to demonstrate camera composition.   Here is the student assignment.  I am revamping my grading tool for this assignment. Here is the upgraded rubric.Please email me if you have any suggestions for the assignment Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for more upcoming ideas for your media classroom. Subscribe to my youtube channel for iOS tips.



The following is a blog for my EOTC class.  This assignment was about online discussion boards.  Online discussion boards are similar to a comments sections on social media.  Everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion.  When they are good you want to read the comments.This gives an opportunity for the students to participate in the class.  The instructor can tell that the students are participating through a variety of tools.  I had discussion boards in my previous online classes.  I was able to see how many posts my students were making and how they were responding to others.  This gave me both the quantity and quality of their post for grading purposes.It is best for the instructor to be active in the discussion boards.  They can do this by participating.  It was suggested that the instructor use the socratic method to do this.  The instructor would gently prompt the discussion to keep it going my asking for more information.  I have not used the socratic method for my classroom but I am interested to see how it will go online.If the instructor is not participating the students may not feel they are part of the class.  This help to give the class a community.  The instructor should keep the comments generic and not point anyone out.  I am looking forward to have discussions of my own.

News Items

The following is a a blog for my EOTC class.  I created this news graphic for my class. This is pretty similar to the last assignment.  I have been using Adobe Spark Post to create these graphics.  I have been happy with it.  It has the option to use your own photos or get photos with a creative commons license.  I like this program because it gives you the options to create graphics in several preset sizes.  For this one, I used the the Facebook option.  I have been using the blog post option for my other assignments.  I have used both the website on my computer and the app on my iPhone.  I would recommend to anyone who needs to create graphics for classroom use.You can also create short videos.  I did this video completely on my phone.  Here is a video I created a recently to post online. I am having a little trouble embedding it on my website. It shows up on my computer but only shows a link when preview it. I will need to work on it to get it to embed properly.
Here is a link to my graphic. I believe other users can use it for inspiration and remix it.Here is a graphic.Adobe Spark-3I plan on using Adobe Spark to create graphics and videos to use in my class.  I have been using it for about 3 months and really like it.I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please email me if you have any suggestions Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for more upcoming ideas for your media classroom. Subscribe to my youtube channel for iOS tips.

LMS Tool Categories

The following is a blog for my online EOTC class.  Identify the major tool categories in Learning Management Systems.The most important tools in most LMS are the ones for communication and grading.   For most of my career, I have had some sort of online assignments for my class.  Communication tools are those most important to online assignments.  Do the students know when the assignments are due? Do they know where to find the requirements of these assignments? Do you have a way to remind the students of upcoming due dates and assignments? Most of my students who had trouble with my online assignments had the same problem.  They simply refused to log on or go to the relevant site to find the information.  My students who were good at communication where the students who were most successful.  They would often turn in assignments ahead of time or ask questions relevant questions to upcoming assignments.  Another aspect of communication was the ability to announce upcoming due dates.  This was a nice little reminder to the students that a deadline is approaching.  I also like the ability to send group emails.  I use these sometimes to remind students that an assignment was due yesterday or that day.  I have found out that some of the students would complete their work but neglect to turn it in.  So this helped to get in missing assignments.  Grading is another tool.  This allows the teacher to give valuable feedback to the students.  This unit didn’t go into depth but I have scanned ahead to other units (  doing work on phone/ wifi issues).  In my experience most recently with Google Classroom, was the ability to leave feedback was great.  With the feedback, I could say great job but you skipped 2 items. This way the student knows their work is fine but they need to more careful.

Navigate YouTube

The following post is part of my EOTC class.   I read several articles about LMS trends and consider myself  a little more opinionated about the subject.One of the big trends I see potential for is more online video.  I am both a video teacher and use tons of online video for my classes.  Video can easily be incorporated into online classes.  I use tons of YouTube playlists in my face to face class.  I can use it to introduce a subject, review a subject, remediate a subject or for enrichment about a subject.One of the nice things about YouTube is the ability to set a start time so the learning doesn’t have to watch the whole video.  If you want to reinforce a concept you have the video begin at that point.  With playlists, you could even create your own segway to the next topic  in between video.I don’t see YouTube as being a fad. The service gets better every year.  The YouTube Kids service was introduced recently. YouTube Kids is great way for parents to safeguard their children when using online video.The biggest roadblock when using online video is having a place to post the video. As more school districts ease the restrictions on more students will have access to the great content available.  There are other video hosting services available for schools to use but the ease of use on these sites leaves a lot to be desired.There are plenty of YouTubers who put out education videos for both teachers and students.  Youtube even had at least one conference for educational YouTubers.

The Khan Academy and Ted Talks seem to cover wide variety of topics.  If you look around it is pretty easy to find a list of other educational YouTube channels just waiting to be discovered.  My favorites include CGP Grey and Rocket Jump Film School.  When a new topic or app is introduced new videos spring up fairly quick.  I planned a video on iOS app Clips only to to find out several videos during my research phase.If you have any questions about using video with online or traditional class please email me at Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for more upcoming ideas for your media classroom. Subscribe to my youtube channel for iOS tips..

LMS Tools

The following blog is an assignment for my EOTC class.This assignment asked which LMS is best. This is a tough question. I have used several different learning management services both as a teacher and as a student. I have spent the most time in the Blackboard family of LMS. I was happy with this service. If I had to pick one of the ones listed it would be Blackboard.It was not listed, as an LMS but I like Google Classroom. There is a little debate over whether it should be considered a LMS. Having used both, I can tell you I prefer it over Blackboard. I have been using it for the last 3 years and it has improved greatly. The latest version allows me to allows me to add additional teachers and parent accounts. It is integrated with Google apps like Google docs and Slides. As the feature improve on these apps, the features improve on Google classroom. The main feature I see that is lacking is the ability to export the grades into a grade book program. However, there are ways to export the grades to a format that can easily entered into grade book programs.Let me know about your favorite LMS and suggestions  Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for more upcoming ideas for your media classroom.

Navigate 1 – Synchronous Vendor Market

This blog is part of my EOTC course.

I have used Go To Meeting on several occasions.   I had a website for my class that was provided by ESE networks.  We used Go To Meeting to for both troubleshooting and instruction.  The nice thing about using Go to Meeting was that if I was in the middle of class, the tech person could continue to work on the problem.

The process was pretty easy.  I had to go to a website and enter a code.  Once I entered the code and clicked ok, they were able to control my computer.

My problem with using the program was that it would be easy for you to be able to tune out on the session.    In the early days of using distance learning, I was taking a class with another teacher. We were using a V-Tell system.  It was great because our instructor was several hundred miles away. We just had to show up to the classroom and turn on the equipment.   When the microphone on our end was muted and the other teacher would sometime talk to me during our sessions.  She was adding to the lecture but it was hard for me to listen to both the instructor and teacher.

I would more likely use something like Adobe Connect in my classroom.  I have used it but it has been a few years ago.  If I am correct, you have to ability to talk, chat and raise your hand.  You also have the ability to archive the session and replay them later.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please email me if you have any suggestions Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for more upcoming ideas for your media classroom. Subscribe to my youtube channel for iOS tips.