Navigate 1 – Synchronous Vendor Market

This blog is part of my EOTC course.

I have used Go To Meeting on several occasions.   I had a website for my class that was provided by ESE networks.  We used Go To Meeting to for both troubleshooting and instruction.  The nice thing about using Go to Meeting was that if I was in the middle of class, the tech person could continue to work on the problem.

The process was pretty easy.  I had to go to a website and enter a code.  Once I entered the code and clicked ok, they were able to control my computer.

My problem with using the program was that it would be easy for you to be able to tune out on the session.    In the early days of using distance learning, I was taking a class with another teacher. We were using a V-Tell system.  It was great because our instructor was several hundred miles away. We just had to show up to the classroom and turn on the equipment.   When the microphone on our end was muted and the other teacher would sometime talk to me during our sessions.  She was adding to the lecture but it was hard for me to listen to both the instructor and teacher.

I would more likely use something like Adobe Connect in my classroom.  I have used it but it has been a few years ago.  If I am correct, you have to ability to talk, chat and raise your hand.  You also have the ability to archive the session and replay them later.

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Participate 4 – Digital Health

The following blog is an assignment for my EOTC class.

It is hard to modify your online habits.  When I just had a desktop computer, I would go several days without turning it on.  Now using my iPad or my phone is just too convenient.  When I get out of bed in the morning, I grab my iPad so I can read the news or partipate in the #bfc530 twitter chat.  It seems that there is always something to do online.  I noticed this and try to schedule some down time. Social media can consume way too much of my time. I try to only log in every few days to Facebook, but I use twitter daily. So I try to limit my time on twitter to a burst in the morning and a little in the evening. 

One way I am modifying my online habits is by putting my iPhone and iPad on charge in the evenings. I keep the charger in my bedrooms I am less likely to have it within reach during family time and meals. 

The best thing students and teachers can do is to schedule their online time in advance.  One thing I did with my schedule was to schedule my online times before an offline activity that I would not miss.  For example,  I would plan to check my email right before breakfast.  Then I was less likely to stay online and continue working.  

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Participate 4 – Digital Rights and Responsibilities

The following post is part of my EOTC class.  This unit dealt with fair use and copyright.  This is something I must address with my class in the beginning.  I believe this is one of the hardest units to teach my students.  I must acknowledge to my students that there are plenty of examples of copyright infringement.  Just because these examples exist, it does not give us permission to do the same.  As future media creators we must obey the rules because we want people to do the same for our media creations.  One thing I do is show them this playlist I created that covers copyright, fair use and creative commons.

I have been able to find a few examples of videos that have been altered because of copyright.   The students see that the audio has been removed. In other examples,  such as JK wedding entrance video that went viral ads were placed on the video to pay the artist for use of the music.   In the worst case scenario the youtuber will get strikes against their account for posting videos without permission.  I explain the process of getting the strikes removed.

I try to get the students to understand that copyright is not a perfect system.  However as part of my class and future employment they will be expected to follow the rules.

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Making Big Changes

A few years ago,  I wrote a paper for my EdS degree in which I discussed the changes in going from teaching 44 students at  one school to teaching 100 more students the next year  at a different school.   At my old school,  I taught 5 periods a day and taught two classes which were 2 periods long.   I still can’t believe I left! Obliviously things were not perfect, but I had been able to grow my program into something special.  I was looking for something different and it wasn’t going to happen at that school.  So I packed my bags moved away from family and friends and started somewhere new.  Which meant teaching 6 periods a day and way more students.

I am making another big change this year after finishing a great spring semester.  I going to a new school, teaching a new subject and working with a new grade level.  Yes, this one is going to make me question this decision for years to come, but I am really excited this change.

I wish more teachers, administrators and other staff embraced changing school.  Over the last few years, I have met a few teachers who did not last in the classroom.  I explain to them that all schools are different.   There is a big difference between leaving the profession and moving to a new location.  Just because is difficult now, doesn’t mean it will stay that way.   Every school is different. Every year is different. That thing that bothers you this year may not be factor somewhere else. I find it best to just move on, find something different. As the quote above exclaims, keep looking until you find it.

I just noticed one of my former colleagues is teaching again.  Honestly, I understand why he left.   He was a great guy to work with, he was just in a bad situation.  I am glad to see that he is teaching again.  He just needed a different opportunity.

My Changes

I finished up at my old school last week, and started professional development on Monday at my new school.  Wow, everything is going to be different next year.    Last year, I had the second largest classroom in the school.  This was a good things, but is was a lot to manage.  Next year, I look forward to having a smaller room and far less students.   The school day is going to be shorter, this means more time to plan and prepare.   I will be teaching special education.  I still love film and will stay involved outside of school.  Everyone I met so far has been really inspiring and positive.

The school is starting a 1 to 1 program.  This is what got me so interested in changing schools.   I love technology but spend most of my time with audio video.  I think there is a lot more I can do with technology.  I want to try new things.

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Film and Video Book for Classroom Teachers

A few years ago,  I was part of a small video production company.  We were trying to find our niche.  We all enjoyed making films, but we knew we were not going to be the next Warner Brothers Pictures.  We all agreed that running our production company would allow us to make films even if that was not the focus of our business.  We produced some commercials, recorded some live events and made some instructional videos.

Fast forward a few years later

We were all working other demanding jobs.  We had a couple of projects we needed to do but not the time to work on them.  We all agreed it was time to dissolve the business part, although we would try and collaborate on some projects together for fun.  In the end, I asked to keep the website up and in hopes that business would grow and we had an entertainment blog that was getting major traffic until this last summer.

This last year, I have began to revive some of our projects for fun and hopefully for profit.  The first of these projects was our instructional video series Tap That. This was video series to help people use their iOS devices.  So far I have made a few videos and am working on updating the format.

Another project that we worked on was an interactive ebook for film and video production. The goal was to align it to match the state standards for Georgia. Since we were dealing with digital distribution it would be easy to create multiple versions to match each state.  I had a 90 page draft, I was working on when the standards were updated.  I  worked on recreating an outline to match the new standards.  I was primarily in charge of creating the content since I had years of experience teaching.  Before I could get a new draft finished, I had a trip to attend the Student Television Network Convention.  We scrambled and I was able to put together on a chapter on camera composition in a PDF format.

When I attended the convention, I shared a link with the teachers I knew.  I also posted links to social media.  The link was for a form.  If you shared your name and email address, you received a link to download the pdf.  It was our plan to send the teachers an email with a discount code when the full book was released.  Our plan was to keep the book cheap since it was digital media and teacher might be paying for this out of their own pocket.  The last time I looked we had 200+ downloads.

Sometime in the middle of the spring, the website was up for renewal.  I missed this because this because I was not in charge of the website.  It went down and with some help migrated the material to a free site.  I am not sure if the link for the PDF or the form still exist.  I still have all the material and several drafts of the PDF.  I am going to  create a new form and put the PDF back online.

So what is next?

I am working on new outlines and would like to break this down into series of several short ebooks.   The ebooks will be aimed more at teaching video production.   This time it will be in the Kindle format so that it can be read on more devices.  I am going to be looking for a couple people to proofread my material.  I usually write late at night and I type slower then I think.   Since this is going to be a solo effort,  any feedback would be great.  A new website would be great.

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Thanks,  I hope to hear from you soon.