Bedtime on iOS 10

Need help sleeping? Here is my latest video explaining how to use Bedtime on iOS 10


Tap That Returns

I am currently working on new episodes of our web series Tap That.  Tap That is web series of instructional videos to help the viewers with their iOS devices.  This started as me recording videos on my iPhone for my mother. She was a new iOS user and too far away for me to help in person.  

Since the series has been on break for a while.  I plan updating the format a little.  Originally, the videos were only about iOS features and native iOS apps.  The plan is to feature other apps available on iOS , such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Google Photos.  I expect anyone who had smartphone a few years to be able to easily navigate these apps, but what about those users getting their first device.  Don’t you think your aunt and uncle who held on to their flip phone might need your help. Who s going to help them? I am sure you don’t have all Saturday to show them how to change their ringtone and log into Facebook.  Just send them in our direction and we will be happy to help.  And remember keep tapping.

What We’re Working On

Well here is my post. Well not actually my post, but what I wanted to say.

Curious Intentions Media

It has been a while since we updated our current projects. At the start of the year, this was because Tap That was our primary undertaking and hopefully everyone knows about that already! Things have grown busy, though, and we want to share as much as we can.

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Status Update

I was going to post a blog explaining why I was so busy, I have not posted my Bring Your Own Technology Video.  However since Hunter has already done it on Curious Intentions  site.  I guess there is no need too.

So here it is.  Summer 13 Projects

Bring Your Own Device

As this year is wrapping up, I am slowly preparing for next year. I am moving to a new school that is implementing “Bring Your Own Device” or “Technology”. Earlier this year, I experimented with having my students do an assignment using their iPhones or other similar devices. Three months later, I am still collecting some of their assignments. What the experience taught me is that you can not assume they know how to use their devices. So I am planning to do several flipped lessons on using their devices. This will be similar to my videos that I post at TapThatiOS . The main difference is that these will be classroom specific. I am really interested in trying this out. As a technology teacher, I feel like I have to repeat directions too many times. This would give me a break. Don’t understand? Watch it again. After the year is done, I can go back and update the videos. For me that will be no problem.