Evaluate Reflection

 In my last blog for my EOTC class I had to link my work to the standards 

Standard D: 

I was able to demonstrate that in this  blog.  I know the an online instructor should be able to cite to specific reason for the feedback.  The instructor should give way to improve even the student has performed highly.   

Standard G: 

 I was able to demonstrate how date could be pulled to give feedback on assessments.  I showed an example of an exam of the data that the I was able to pull from the test.  

Standard H: 

For this standards I an assignment based  on the standards for the class.  

Standard I: 

For this standard I was able to use data collected and apply it to personalized learning.   

 What strategies will you take away from the Evaluate module and apply to your teaching?  What lessons were most beneficial for you?

I learned the most from the lessons on personalized learning.  I look forward to doing this in the fall.  Other things that I will be spending time on is feedback. This has been a challenging but interesting course.  

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