Evaluate 2 – Data Driven Instruction & Analysis

The blog is for my EOTC course.  Based on my limited ability to interprete the data in this unit, it appear the top 4 students are making satisfactory progress and the bottom 4 are not making progress.  The students in the middle need a lot of encouragement so that they stay involves in the class.  So what I contact the student after their 1st missing assignment to see if they were having in trouble in the course.  After the 2nd missing assignment I would start to contact other stakeholders to get them involved.  One of the things I did to keep my students involved in my online courses was to push all my assignments up to the front of the class.  I wanted to give my students a chance to finish their work early.  If a student fell behind on my schedule, they would still have a chance to finish the course on time.  I liked challenging them to this. If you can see the data you might see patterns in student behavior and work with them.  Some students may need adjusting while other may not.

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