Create Reflection

The following blog is a reflection for my EOTC course.  This was favorite unit to work on.

Standard B: 

In this unit I  learned about different tools available and  created materials for the learning environment.

Standard C:

I met this standard by creating maps to understand and plan to cover subject material.  I will also differentiate the types of material for my class.

Standard E: 

I am very familiar with copyright and fair use.  One thing I was not familiar with was the Teach act.  There are also a lot of resources available under different types of licensing.

Standard K:
In this blog, I discussed different ways of sharing the learning material.  I now understand that there are difference between a LMS and a CMS.  

The module encouraged me to not only to create material for my online class but to use freely available resources out there.  The instructor should use a variety of material to create and differentiate in the learning environment.  I think think this about sums up the material in this unit.

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