Create 4 – Learning Object Authoring Tools

The following is a blog for my EOTC course.

I was looking for elearning tools.  The first place I found was Class Tools.  On this site you could create your own tools to use in your classroom.  It had several templates to chose from.  I was interested in using a tool called Post it.  This allowed you to upload a photo for for the students to label.  I think this could be used to label parts of fish in a science class or label countries on map in geography.  The thing that is holding me back is that it requires flash.  I have Flash installed on my Mac but I could not use these tools on my iPad.  I rarely use a laptop or desktop these days.  So anything I use most be compatible with a iPad.  If you have control of your learning environment, like in computer lab this wouldn’t be a problem.  All learning tools should be mobile friendly.

The second site I located was Exelearning .  I like that resource could be exported in a format that could be used with online learning.  It produced a scorm file which can be used with LMS.  The problem I saw was it didn’t look like it had been updated recently.  It was a really active website about 5 year ago but it has only had a few recent update.  Technology has changed so much in the last five years.  All learning tools need to be updated on a regular basis.

So both of these tools are out for me.  I am sure there are other available so I will keep looking in the future for something I can use.


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