Create 4 – Build Portable Learning Objects

This is a blog for my EOTC class.  For this assignment I had to create 2 online learning tools.  I was hard to find a free learning tool that was compatible with a make.  The first learning tool I found  was Quiz Works.  I created this short quiz.  I saw plenty of paid options.  One of those options was an Adobe program that have some access too.  The only problem is it would have taken a little time to learn the software.   I would use this for formative assessments.

The other software that I was able to use was insert learning.  I had to use a chrome browser to create this material.  You can create a limited amount for free.  Here are the screenplay questions  I was able to create using the site.  I would use the tool to check to see if the student understood the format of screenplay before they started writing.

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