Communicate reflection

The following blog post is for my EOTC class.  This was the most difficult unit to finish.  This series of courses is self paced. Although, I need to finish it in the next few days.  It has been so tough that I  skipped ahead so that I continued to make progress in my class.   This reflection is document I have met the standards for online teaching.

Standard C

In the first part of the unit, I designed a communication plan to keep in touch with all stakeholders.

Standard D

Authentic feedback is the key to success when working with online  students. One thing teachers can do is create their own feedback.   Using authentic feedback is the key, I discussed this here.

Standard E

I have always encouraged my student to follow copyright rules and taught them to understand fair use and creative commons licensing.  I have written about it in several places as part of this course and part of another.

Standard J

The teachers serves a point person for all communication involved with the class.  All stakeholders should be in communication with the teacher.

Standard K

The teacher will use a variety of tool to communicate with the parents and students.  This can be newsletters or posting news items or homepage.

The communicate module has showed me new ideas to incorporate into my classroom and reminded me of others that I have not used.  I will do a better job of creating material to grab the student’s attention instead of giving them generic feedback.  The biggest benefit of this unit was seeing examples of other’s work.

Thats it!  Now I can finish the other sections.



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