Communicate 3 – Evaluation Methods

The following blog is for my EOTC class.  In this section the importance of authentic feedback was discussed.  All student assignments should have some feedback.  Even things like quizzes need feedback.  The students will see the feedback as a source of encouragement. This is what the students need to keep going in am online environment.  The students are on their own, communicating will give them a boast to keep going, correct errors and improve their work.

When giving feedback this generation need something more then just “good job”.  Suppose a student get 8 out 10 questions correct, you should comment on what they missed. This will help the student improve next time.  Giving specific feedback helps the learners to connect with the instructor.  This lets the student know that the instructor is paying attention to their performance in class rather then just entering a grade.  

When I first began teaching online, I believed that everyone out there was just just working away on the assignments.  I think some students are trying to avoid the typical classroom experience so they take online courses.  I have taught both students who were motivated and students who were not motivated by the online experience.  I even had a student finish the class several months early because it was an elective.  They wanted to spend their time concentrating on their core subjects.  Then I also had students who would not log in for several days unless I prompted them. This is why these student need the feedback. 

Have you ever taken an online class? Were you motivated to finish the work or did you just barely pass? I started this course and rushed through the first couple of assignments.  After a week or so, I lost my motivation.  If I had had some feedback this might have made a difference.  Instead I had some other motivation which has helped me to move forward. 

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? In what ways might an instructor enrich a student’s online experience through feedback?


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