Web Tools for Differentiation of Teacher Instruction

This blog is for my EOTC course.  For this assignment I am creating instruction based on photo assignment which I have used before.  I hope this is ok.  I am using Book Creator but you could use other tools that allow you to post books online.

In Book Creator you can add video, photos and audio to your book so you can differentiate in your design.  Just like any desktop publishing program you can change fonts, backgrounds, colors, etc.

What I like about using Book Creator is the range of option for exporting.  Book Creator allows the instructor to differentiate your final product by exporting an eBook, a video, a PDF over even post online.  I have created a book and video previously.  For this assignment I am posting the results as an online book, since I have not created one before.  It is important to know that I took all the pictures included in this book.  Plus since I was  AVTF teacher for many years my students gave permission to post their work online.  Students were excited when they found out they would be used as examples to show the next class.  So here is my product.

It does cut off the thumbnail, but I was able to fix it.  This is a fairly new feature for Book Creator  So I can imagine this being fixed in the future.  I am interested in creating ebooks with my students, not just for instruction, but for assessment and publicity.  

I hope you enjoyed this blog.   


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