Create 3 – Open Educational Resources

The blog post is for my EOTC course.  For this assignment I suppose to be discussing different types of Creative Commons Licensing.  The material is easily found on the Creative Commons website.  With a Creative Common License the copyright owner still owns the copyright to their material but allows others to use their material provided they follow the rules.  These rules can be used separately or together.  The different types of licenses are:

SA – Share alike you must share you material in the same manner

ND- No Derivative work is allowed

NC- No Compensation means that you can not be paid for this work.

BY- Atttribution means you must give credit to original artist.

Open educational resources are resources you can use in your classroom.   It best to check to see what kind of licensing is available before you decide to use a resource in your classroom.  If you are unsure you should ask permission or not use it.  There are number of resources that allow you to search for items based on the licensing.  Both Flickr and Google have the option to search for only copyright free images.

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