Create 1 – Appearance

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.  For this assignment I am supposed to find instructional websites for learners.  I am assuming they mean websites that I can use in my class.  Then I am supposed to discuss the design elements.

I will start out with a list of the websites and then discuss them.

  1. Rocket Jump Film School
  2. Pixar in a Box
  3. Cyber college
  4. No Film School
  5. The Black and Blue
  6. Vimeo Video School
  7. YouTube Creator Academy
  8. School Video News
  9. Student Filmmaking
  10.  Film Education

I don’t have a problem with the design of any of these sites. It probably has more to do with the content being covered.  I would expect media sites to look better then say a math web site. The only website that doesn’t quite fit is cyber college.  Although the content has been updated this year, the website has been the design of the website has been the same since I first used it.  Overall it is not much different in design then modules I have used in online classes. 
So you can see it use an updated design, but I would still use it today.

It is not as snazzy as sites like Rocket Jump Film Schools.  The site has embedded video from the RJFS YouTube site.

On both sites it is easy to find the material you need. I think my students would be drawn more to the RJFS website.  If you are going to keep the students attention you should consider keeping the look of your site updated.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.


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