Create 2 – Explore Web Tools

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.  This blog is about different web tools available for your online class.  Some of tools in this unit seemed a little outdated.  I learned about some of these in my teaching online class I took as part of my  EdS.

One of the web tools  available is Voice Thread. This tool allows you to record audio comments to allow feedback.  I did an assignment with Voice Thread, but I really don’t think I would use it.

Another web tool available is podcasting.  I have followed podcasting since it was invented.  The technology has improved a lot in the last few years.  Podcasts are essentially radio or video programs that are uploaded to the web for distribution . The technology allows you to download new programs as the become available.   This is different then online video in that is made to download instead of stream. I would use this to share lectures and reviews with my students.

Prezi is another web tool that my students use.  For me it is just a snazzy version of Powerpoint.  I like that it allows you to put your presentations online.  What I don’t like about it is that I felt like some student spent more time on getting it to look right then on the content that was included.  Their presentations always looked fantastic.I will give it 2nd chance because I think it does have the “ahh” factor.

I am more of a just give me the facts person, so  I use Google slides.  I don’t use transitions.  I don’t mind templates as long as they are not overused.  What I like about Google apps in general is  that you can share it, have multiple people work on it, and it work on all of your devices.  I converted all of my Powerpoints to Google slides.  Since it is online, I always have it with me and I have the latest version with me.

Last is YouTube, I wasn’t going to list this as a tool but I use the heck out of YouTube.  I can because I am film and video teacher.  Ranting aside, I like the use of YouTube Playlists.  I have created playlist for several of my standards for my class and I highly recommend it .   I wrote a blog about using playlists that you can see right here.

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