Communicate 2 – Synchronous Sessions

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.  Synchronous sessions involves using technology to conduct an online session for your class.  I have done this is in my classes with mixed results.  I had exam review session in my regular classroom.  I remember liking the results overall but thinking we were not quite ready for it.

I took a distance learning class where we could see they instructor and the instructor could see us.  I was often distracted but things going on around me.  What I really enjoyed was once either before or after the class, a few of the student talked to me about a job opening they thought I might be interested in.  This was really cool that they felt like they knew me enough to tell me about a job.

When I was enrolled in this training course 6 years ago.  We had synchronous sessions.  what I did not like about them was that the time was not good for me.  I had a young child who seemed to always get fussy around the time the class was going on.  I had the mute the microphone and it was difficult to listen.  I didn’t mind doing these sessions but the time was inconvenient.  If you did not attend the sessions you had to listen to the sessions and summarize what you heard.  It seems like  this would be a preferred method for a number of students but,  I was missing out on a key component.  I was not about to respond in real time.

Here is a sample of what I want to try in my online class.

  1. Welcome 1-2 minutes
    1. give students time to log in
    2. start the recording
    3. ask student to leave a response (introduce themselves or something similar) in the chat box.  
    4. Try to help students fix connections etc
  2. Warm Up  3-5 minute
    1. This would be a bellringer.  
    2. I would give the students a quick assignment and ask them to raise their hand when they had the answer.  This is pretty easy to do online. 
  3. Video or have a powerpoint  presentation –  3-5 minutes
  4. Classroom discussion- 10-15 minutes
    1. I believe the best way to do would be to ask the students a questions
    2. Then the students would take turns answering the questions ( I would give them control of the microphone.)
    3. During the discussion I would make comments via chat and encourage others to ask questions
  5. Upcoming assignments 5 minutes
    1. At this time, I would discuss upcoming assignments and general announcements
    2. I would take questions from student about the upcoming assignments
  6. Closing remarks 2 minutes
    1. I would take this time to summarize the discussion. 
    2. I would tell the students about the next upcoming session.
    3. Finally I would tell them how to prepare for next week and tell them bye.
  7. Stop the recording


Do you teach online? I am looking forward to trying this with my class in the fall.  Please email me if you have any suggestions for teaching online Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for more upcoming ideas for your media classroom. Subscribe to my youtube channel for iOS tips.



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