Communicate 2 – Discussions

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.  This assignment was about online discussion boards.  Online discussion boards are similar to a comments sections on social media.  Everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion.  When they are good you want to read the comments.

This gives an opportunity for the students to participate in the class.  The instructor can tell that the students are participating through a variety of tools.  I had discussion boards in my previous online classes.  I was able to see how many posts my students were making and how they were responding to others.  This gave me both the quantity and quality of their post for grading purposes.

It is best for the instructor to be active in the discussion boards.  They can do this by participating.  It was suggested that the instructor use the socratic method to do this.  The instructor would gently prompt the discussion to keep it going my asking for more information.  I have not used the socratic method for my classroom but I am interested to see how it will go online.

If the instructor is not participating the students may not feel they are part of the class.  This help to give the class a community.  The instructor should keep the comments generic and not point anyone out.  I am looking forward to have discussions of my own.




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