Communicate 2 – Differentiation

The following is a a blog for my EOTC class.

Here are a couple of way I have differentiated in my classroom.  I have added more film content to my class in the last few years.   I start this lesson by going over the film terms in my classroom using this Google slide. I usually break this up by demonstrating some of the equipment either in person or showing them a video from Rocket Jump Film School.  Then I have the students study the terms using this quizlett about film terms I created.

For online I would probably do things in similar manner, but I would do my demonstrations as part of my synchronous sessions.   The film terms could be presented during this session or could be posted online as an ebook.  I will be also be posting messages to my students using Remind 101, Twitter or both.

I am looking forward to trying this with my class in the fall. Please email me if you have any suggestions for teaching online Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for more upcoming ideas for your media classroom. Subscribe to my youtube channel for iOS tips.


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