Communicate 1 – Communication Laws

The following is a blog for my EOTC class.   This unit was about communication laws.

One of the things I found out about in the unit was TCPA which is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.  This is a rule that make it unlawful to call cell phones with automated dialing equipment.  This was shocking because I receive prerecorded messages all of the time.  I was discussing this with a coworker who was sure that schools systems have an exemption since they must contact the masses.  We were also sure that somewhere we had probably agreed to receive these messages as part of our employment.

A teacher should use caution when communicating with parents online.   I was always told to ask to speak in person or via phone with the parent.  It is also important to not share grade information with anyone other than the student or parent.  I always refer parents to Infinite Campus.  This is our portal for parents to be able to see grades.

The last thing in this unit was about intellectual  property.  There are 2 videos that I use to explain this concept to my students.  The first is a video by CGP Grey.  He explains the origins and current copyright law.

 The other is a video created by Stanford Law to explain Fair Use.

These are both tough subject for my students.

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