Communicate 1 – Communication Definitions

Yes, this is another blog  relating to my online course.  I started this blog as result of partipating in #etmooc a few years ago.  The experience changed my professional goals.  Maybe this course will do the same thing.  

This blog is a response to a Ted Talk about communication.  I think technology has changed the way I communicate in a good way.  I can edit what I am saying, sometimes even after I have posted it.  This is helpful. Even though I have a BA in journalism and a minor in English I am not much of a writer. I think faster then I can type….. especially on this phone.  So in the process mistakes are made. Not sometimes, but all of the time.  Editing comes in handy.  So maybe by the time someone reads this it will be edited.  

Technology has changed my classroom in a big way.  Students seem addicted to their phones.  I am very technology friendly but have had to back down a lot.  If something is going on at school, I can usually tell by how distracted my students are during class.  I do not allow them to use their phones unless it is for an assignment.  However it is hard to stop everyone from using their phones. Even the parents are texting and calling during the day.  If I stopped class every time I would get very little done. So I have pick my battles.   Yes we have rules but little was done this year.  So I handled it in class. 

The problem with this phone addiction is that the students are missing out on important parts of life.  We had a guest speaker in an assembly.  He was really good. Most of the students had their phones out.  I took pictures at graduation this year and posted them online.  I was asked to remove several pictures because the students were playing games on their phones.  One was even wearing headphones.  

It is crazy and will not get better until big changes are made. I know of a few schools that require students to leave phones in lockers during the day.  Others that impose fines to parents.  I see a day when we have 12 step programs for phone addiction.  

Do you agree? Disagree?  Let me know  if you have any suggestions Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for more upcoming ideas for your media classroom. Subscribe to my youtube channel for iOS tips.


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