Navigate – Screen Capture

The following is an assignment for my EOTC course.

I would use screen capture to demonstrate how to use software and websites.  I like to embed them in my website if possible.   In an online teaching environment, this give the students the option of watching the video over again to help them understand it.  For the teacher, the can do it once and it is done.  As new features become available the video can be recorded again.  

Another nice thing is the ability to edit the video.  I did not edit the video above because  I was trying to simulate the normal classroom teacher.  As a video professional, I would outline and write a script.  Then I would record the video and then I record a voice over using a professional microphone.  The product would be then edited to a reasonable total run time.  This is how I record my videos for my instructional Youtube series.  In the video, I show how to use iOS devices.  

I hope you enjoyed the blog, please subscribe.  If you need any instructional video made for your organization you can contact me  Be sure to follow my YouTube channel for tips on how to use your iOS device.


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