Navigate Reflection

The following is a blog for my EOCT online class. The navigate module has went over the tools available to the online teacher.  I feel comfortable communicating with my students online and will probably incorporate more video into my class then a normal teacher.   (Standard B)

One thing that I will need to work on is the ability to edit material in my online shell.  I have taught using  courses using Angel and Google Classroom where I created all the material myself so easily modify it where needed.  (Standard B)  I have also used Edgenuity and Blackboard where I had little control over the material and I was working as a facilitator.  I think it will take me a little time to get familiar with the D2L platform.  I used it 5 years ago but it will take me a little time to go over it again.  I plan on watching the videos again to help out.

I would like to spend some more time using the analytics available in D2L.  This is something that I plan on using more.   (Standard I)  In my previous online classes, I was able to track  the students progress and monitor the assignments.  I feature I was able to use in Google Classroom was the ability to make an assignment for just one student.  If a student was absent I could use this for make up work. I used this at the end of the year to give the senior their finals early.

I would have liked to have seen more on course creation.  (Standard K) Every online LMS is a little different.  I think this is the one I will be fine once I understand it better. One of my big goals is to explore the modules very early on.  I plan to look at all modules and see how they could be improved.  I saw the modules a few years ago but a lot has changed in the industry.  My face to face class was always evolving as technology and the standard changed.  


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