Navigate 3 – LMS Reporting

The following is a blog for my EOTC class. I am currently writing these last few assignments on my phone while waiting on my daughter while she is at camp. I am just going to say that most of this work can be completed from an iOS device, but I would say it is not recommended. I had to skip some assignments for right now. As a big iOS fan, I would suggest a mobile version of  this LMS.  This would make this part easier on me and if the place had wifi I could use my laptop.  

This unit is about grade reporting and analytics.  These are both valuable tools once you get the hang of it.  When I was using Blackboard I believe the students would have a progress bar and a grade.  This can be confusing for the students, parents and sometimes the school personnel.  I had this problem where a student would complete the 3 of 27 assignments.  If the student made a perfect score on each of these, their grade would be a 100.  The problem is that they have completed around 11% of the work and may not of completed the first test yet.  Some of the grade book programs and school personnel would show that the student had a  100 hundred on a progress report.   

When a student is behind on their work, it leaves a dilemma for the teacher. If you put in zeros on the missing work, their grade would be correct but the progress would show that student was progressing in the class.  I would usually put in enough zeros to get the student’s attention and notify the students and parents that they had earned zeros on missing work.  I allowed them to make up the missing work to pull up their grade usually with a small penalty.    

I think the progress bar is the most important tool if it is used correctly.  It lets the student know where the finish line is.  I even had a student finish the course early so they could concentrate on their other classes. 

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