Navigate 3 – Course Creation within LMS

The following blog is for my online EOTC class.  For this module, I am supposed to download some material and upload it into a shell.  I am short on time so I will be completing this part later.  I need to finish the section in order to unlock the next class module.  I am unable to use my laptop at my location so I am just working on blogs and watching video on my phone.  Yuck

So far I have downloaded the material to my desktop.  I have the entire folder with all of the pieces of the class.  I need to upload it to my shell but it must be zipped first. I zipped it on my computer and uploaded it.  After it uploaded it started to unzip or unpack the material.  At this point I ran into an error.   This blog is not finished  and neither is my shell but I need to post this for now to move on.



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