Navigate 2 – Tools for Deciding on an LMS

The following blog is an assignment for my EOTC class.

This assignment asked which LMS is best. This is a tough question. I have used several different learning management services both as a teacher and as a student. I have spent the most time in the Blackboard family of LMS. I was happy with this service. If I had to pick one of the ones listed it would be Blackboard.

It was not listed, as an LMS but I like Google Classroom. There is a little debate over whether it should be considered a LMS. Having used both, I can tell you I prefer it over Blackboard. I have been using it for the last 3 years and it has improved greatly. The latest version allows me to allows me to add additional teachers and parent accounts. It is integrated with Google apps like Google docs and Slides. As the feature improve on these apps, the features improve on Google classroom. The main feature I see that is lacking is the ability to export the grades into a grade book program. However, there are ways to export the grades to a format that can easily entered into grade book programs.

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