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This blog is part of my EOTC course.

I have used Go To Meeting on several occasions.   I had a website for my class that was provided by ESE networks.  We used Go To Meeting to for both troubleshooting and instruction.  The nice thing about using Go to Meeting was that if I was in the middle of class, the tech person could continue to work on the problem.

The process was pretty easy.  I had to go to a website and enter a code.  Once I entered the code and clicked ok, they were able to control my computer.

My problem with using the program was that it would be easy for you to be able to tune out on the session.    In the early days of using distance learning, I was taking a class with another teacher. We were using a V-Tell system.  It was great because our instructor was several hundred miles away. We just had to show up to the classroom and turn on the equipment.   When the microphone on our end was muted and the other teacher would sometime talk to me during our sessions.  She was adding to the lecture but it was hard for me to listen to both the instructor and teacher.

I would more likely use something like Adobe Connect in my classroom.  I have used it but it has been a few years ago.  If I am correct, you have to ability to talk, chat and raise your hand.  You also have the ability to archive the session and replay them later.

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