Participate Reflection

I am posting a link to my Participate Capstone Here

The following is a blog for my online EOTC class.  

Standard C: 

I am always looking to improve my teaching and trying new things.  I have shared a few of  the lessons I have learned  here and here.  I am posting these for fellow media teachers.  I share them via my blog, Google + and Twitter.

Standard E: 

I believe in teaching my students to follow copyright laws.  I show my student examples of what can happen if copyright laws are not followed.  When you are teaching a class on media production it is good start by doing everything correction.

I also show my student the downside of sharing everything with the public.  We regular discuss current news events relating to media.

Standard J: 

I participate in several online discussions as part of my pln.  I started this in the spring and it has helped me to grow as a teacher.  It is good to hear differing opinions about topics.  The two twitter chats I participated the most were #bfc530 and #whatisschool. I wrote a blog about it here

I also use twitter as a way to communicate with my students.  I have recently left this account for my replacement.  This was a good way to communicate important school messages in way that my students would see them.

I learned the most from the modules relating to digital health.  I will be using them with my student at my school next year. 


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