Participate 2- Collecting Reputable Digital Resources

The following post is for an online class I participating in.

As part of this assignment I had to collect a list of reputable online resources.  I created this webmix using symbaloo to share these resources.  The webmix I created is for teachers and students studying  audio video and film technology.  I included professional organizations, established film and video programs, learning tools and online tutorials. This is a list I have been building on for years.  In the process, I learned some of the resources had moved and some were better.  

The tools I use the most are the Student Television Network, Rocket Jump Film School and Film Riot.  Film and video is a tricky area for students to do research.  It is best to give them this list of resources and have them stick to that.  I would define what research they should be doing and give them and require them to use these reputable sources to insure they are getting the correct information.  

If my students were collecting resources, I would give them a list of keywords to begin with:

  • Media
  • Journalism
  • Communications 
  • Cinema
  • Film
  • Television
  • Video

I would encourage them to use the keywords to conduct boolean search.  The sites listed first should be the most reliable because they are ranked higher in the search results. They would need to look through the results to find the ones from educational sites first.  Then they would need to look at the other sites to weed out any commercial websites that would cost to get the information.  

From the remaining sites, I would look for a couple of things. Look at the websites URL, is it a secure secure site.  Does it end in edu, org or com?  Then look at the site does it have a lot of grammatical errors ( I know I have fat fingers).  Does the site include contact information for individual or organization?  Does the website include advertising for legitimate businesses?  Looking at these factors should help to elimate the sites not reputable.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please email me if you have any suggestions Follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for more upcoming ideas for your media classroom. Subscribe to my youtube channel for iOS tips.


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