Participate 1 – Ideal Digital Learning Communities

The following blog is part of an online course, I am completing.  

Answer: Consider what would be needed to create an ideal digital learning community. What would be needed to bring such a vision to fruition

A large number of educators from a diverse background is just one of the factors needed to make an ideal digital learning community.     In my subject area, film and video production there is usually only 1 teacher in a school and sometimes in a whole district.  So it is hard to find someone to collaborate with in a school.  Even when I do find another teacher, they sometimes work in a totally different environment, have different goals, or have a different focus than my program. For most of my career, I have worked in the same type of schools.  My current position is totally different.  It took me over a year to discover this and most of the last 2 years to adapt.  If I had reached out a little farther, I would have discovered teaching in a Title 1 is a huge difference.  They could have helped me along.  To me they were the same students, I couldn’t see the difference.  

A factor I hadn’t considered before is that there would be students or learners in the group.  I guess most people in the education field consider themselves lifelong learners.  This also gives everyone a chance to participate.  

What can one do to make an existing DLC more attractive to and welcoming for students and teachers?

I have been participating in a few twitter chats recently.  Some I am fully participating other times I am just watching. From my experience, people are really friendly.  Whenever I make a popular comment, I will get a few likes and new followers.  This positive feedback has made me more active in the chats.   Some folks will announce they are participating and they will always get a hellos to welcome them to the chat.  DLCs need this same welcome environment.  

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