Halloween Movie Suggestions 

I have been watching a lot of movies recently with my nephew who is taking classes at the Georgia Film Academy.  For his age, he has seen a lot of movies that came out before he was born. I have been introducing to some of the gems that he may may have missed. These films are not the usual ones listed in popular culture and on the episodes of the Family Guy.  More like movies that have been forgotten or overlooked.  Like that dark  sci-fi Disney movie no one ever mentions. 
I had the idea to start list of films I suggest others watch.  
Here is my first suggestion. This isn’t a forgotten gem, but it was partially filmed in Hampton Georgia not that far from where I live.  Since the Walking Dead returns tonight, and they used the same location, here it is Zombieland. It is rated R, but probably only for the language. This is more my style of horror film. I have always liked zombie films. It may not considered as scary as traditional horror films. That is just my preference. Ok my show is on now. No time to proofread. 

 By the way that forgotten Disney film is called the Black Hole.  



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