Bring Your Own Device

As this year is wrapping up, I am slowly preparing for next year. I am moving to a new school that is implementing “Bring Your Own Device” or “Technology”. Earlier this year, I experimented with having my students do an assignment using their iPhones or other similar devices. Three months later, I am still collecting some of their assignments. What the experience taught me is that you can not assume they know how to use their devices. So I am planning to do several flipped lessons on using their devices. This will be similar to my videos that I post at TapThatiOS . The main difference is that these will be classroom specific. I am really interested in trying this out. As a technology teacher, I feel like I have to repeat directions too many times. This would give me a break. Don’t understand? Watch it again. After the year is done, I can go back and update the videos. For me that will be no problem.


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