First Classroom iPad

After school today, I drove to pick up my first school iPad. I am taking it tomorrow to go to Student Television Conference. It is a new 32 GB iPad 4th generation as far as I can tell. My first impression is that it would be great for a teacher who is transitioning from a laptop. The Zagg case has a built in keyboard. I tested it out and it worked great. It had a couple of function keys that I can tell will be convenient. All of the software, that I requested was installed with I think with one exception. It looks like like it has been locked down fairly good to keep students from messing it up. One big thing I noticed was that it did not have a passcode to unlock it. This is something I would have expected.
My biggest concern is there is some software that has been installed to help manage it. I expected this but wish I knew more about how it managed my device. I am afraid that in my district we overprotect. I wish I had some input on how the iPad was set up. I believe in teaching responsible use. Then don’t block or ban something until you have a good reason. Our district also has a tendency to change its plan without notifying anyone.

As far as student use, I am not convinced we are ready……. Yet. I will to try it out this week and see what happens. I will update this later to see what happens.


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