Guided Access on an iPad

We posted a video yesterday about how to set up guided access on iOS devices. I figured some viewers would immediately figure it out and no other explanation would be needed. If you have worked in educational technology you probably immediately see the potential for this feature. To be honest when we were recording the episode, I didn’t stop and think about this feature. I do a little of everything for our videos, but my most prominent role for this one was recording the voiceover. After seeing the final product, I began to really understand how I was going to use this feature.

Guided access is simply being able to control what parts of the screen are available to the users. Some benefit would be using these feature when students are taking online tests or keeping special education students on task. If you are like me and have a small child, you can let them use your iPhone or iPad without the fear of them purchasing items when you look away.

child playing on iPad
Someone likes Circle Pop

I am going to be experimenting with this feature when I get my first iPad for the classroom. It will be nice to know that the students will only be able to use the correct app. Hopefully, I will have more iPads in the future. This will make managing them easier. I have walked by too many computer labs and seen the students off task. This feature would allow you to turn on the feature before handing out the iPads. At the end of the period, the students could simply turn in the iPads and they would be ready for the next class.


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