Best iPad Apps for Classroom Video Production part 2

In my previous blog, I posted that I was going to make a video about the different apps I recommended. At the time, I did not realize how work was going to be interrupted for the next couple weeks. I have started several blogs in the last 2 weeks, but sadly none of them are finished. So I decided to do something different. I have created a video playlist on my personal YouTube site. To be honest I was playing around with this first on my school site. I wanted to put have a place for my students to go to learn about or get help with an app. I have included some tutorials and examples made from the apps I include in my list. I like YouTube playlists since I am free to add more videos at a later date.

After finishing the previous blog, I thought about a few other related apps that I should have included on my list. I was also impressed at the people had shared my blog with others so I felt it was my duty to do something else. BTW as someone who is new to blogging that is quite a thrill. Thanks.

So here are a few other apps I recommend:

Google Drive – free – When you finish your videos you are going to need to store the finished product. Uploading to YouTube may not be an option at your school or you may not want to share the product with the world. After the video is uploaded, it can be shared with the teacher for archiving and grading and deleted from the device.

iMotion HD This app allows you to make time-lapse videos. The app allows you set how often a photo is taken. After you are finished you can set the playback speed for how many frames per second. Included on the playlist, is a project I made while on vacation at the beach. In the video I posted I recorded the sunrise. It was difficult because I could not tell what was going to be in the shot when I started. If you look carefully you can see me taking photos on the beach.
I also started a playlist for the best photo apps and tutorials. I will write a blog on this shortly. For now here is a playlist.


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