Best iPad apps for classroom video production.

Last week, I found out I was I getting an iPad for my class. This was quite a surprise because I had not asked for an iPad. Apparently, one of the other broadcast video teachers asked for a device to take to the Student Television Network Conference. Our students are competing at the conference, and instead of hauling a desktop computer and camera to the conference, he was able to convince our coordinator that it would be easier to take an iPad. So I will be getting my first iPad for classroom use. Yay!
I am not new to iOS devices. There are 3 in use in my living room right now, including the one that I am using to write this portion of the blog. As a matter of fact, my almost 2 year old can unlock the iPad, swipe until she finds her apps and open & close them. So now my task is to set up an iPad for use as a mobile capture and editing device. I don’t know how we will be purchasing apps for the device, but I assume it will not be an simple task. It will be a little difficult to add them after I have the device in my classroom. The best thing to do would be put a list together and get those installed by whoever sets the iPads up for us. I have a ton of apps on my own personal device that I have used before, so I have a good idea of what I would need in my classroom. To get the most out of these apps you will need a wifi connection.
So here is my list I what I am requesting and my personnel recommendations for anyone looking to use an iPad for video productions.

Celtx script: $9.99Celtx makes several video production apps. My favorite in their suite is the scriptwriting app. This allows you to write your screenplays in the correct format, and it can also be exported as a PDF or printed. Teaching scriptwriting is part of my curriculum, and this app will make that even easier. I don’t think I paid 9.99 for it when I purchased it, but screenwriting software on a desktop can run over $100 so this is definitely worth it.

iMove: $4.99iMovie for the Mac desktop is very easy to use, and the same can be said about the iOS version. I don’t plan on doing any complex editing so this will be fine.

FilmicPro: $4.99FilmicPro is a camera app. This app offers customizable recording settings that are not available in the built-in camera app.

Movie Looks: $1.99Red Giant makes professional video programs for video editors. This app allows to adjust the looks of your video for a fraction of the desktop programs.

Action Movie FX: FreeAction Movie FX is nothing but just plain fun. I am sure the use of this app in the classroom is limited, but it is such an entertaining app. This will assist in get students interested in video production. Action Movie FX allows you to record short scenes and then add realistic CGI effects, but be warned to get the most use out of this app you will need to do several in app purchases. I have purchased all but one of these upgrades.

I will be producing a video about using these iPad apps in the classroom and posting it with my instructional videos for iOS devices in the future. Please let your friends know about my videos and if you have any suggestions please let me know. I got the idea for these videos when I purchased my mother her first iPhone. I made her several videos showing her how to use her phone.

Here is part 2


18 thoughts on “Best iPad apps for classroom video production.

    1. Video takes up a lot of space. Depending on how much video production you are going to be doing I would go with the largest device. Standard definition video took up a 1GB every 5 minutes on my computers. I don’t have an exact number on HD video because I believe the iPad video is compressed more then my cameras at work. However, my students 30 seconds project in HD were close to a 1 GB if I am correct. From my experience the video coming out of the iPad was compressed but how much I don’t know. To make a 30 second video, a student might shoot 5 minutes of video. This is not including any other apps or projects on the device. My school bought me 1 64 GB iPad. I was a little disappointed. If they bought me more, I could have went with a smaller device. Also most video production teachers run into problems when they have delete old material to make room for new material.

      1. Fabulous detail -thank you so much for the thoughtful response. Can you clarify what you meant about getting only one 64GB iPad and being disappointed?

      2. As a video teacher, I need the most storage available. If you are only going to have only one iPad I recommend trying to get the 128 GB model. That way you are not forced to delete items to clear up space.

  1. My teachers are new to using the iPad to have students create and publics their work. We want the students to have the option to use the iPad if they choose instead of creating a brochure or poster. Which apps would you recommend for this type of work?

  2. As a film teacher, I like using Storyboard Quick Direct because it forces my students to think before they shoot! Very cool for the iPad. Impressive!

      1. You mean student television network? I am not a member yet. Are you a member? What are your thoughts on STN?

      2. I have been a member of STN since the first year. I value the information, I get through the list serve. US education TV has paid my membership for the last 2 years. By posting a few videos and adding some pics you get free membership.
        Megan I just started a community on Google + for Film & Video teachers. You should join. You just need a google + account.

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