Job search begins today

As I stated in my intro, I am looking for something more out of my career. Why? I have evolved in the last 10 years. I now how another mouth to feed, a general interest in what else is out there, and more bills to pay. Last year, I started off by casting my net a little wider hoping to catch a few offers. It worked I had few interviews and a potential job offer I declined. The offer wasn’t something I was interested in, I had been on another interview with the same place but they filled it with an internal candidate. When they called they acted as I had good interview but the decision had been made to move someone internally. They really wanted me to apply for this second job because I had the right qualifications and experience. It was a tough decision because it did have a key component to my happiness, one thing that I am missing now. Anyway, I applied for way too many things last year. The other day the last of the jobs, I had applied for last year was filled. So I started my search hours ago and have already found several potential matches. I will start applying tomorrow. Now back to bed.


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