What a Difference a Week Can Make.

I am home today with my daughter and reflecting on the events of last week. First off, I am lost and not sure I am know what I am doing with this Etmooc. Second, I am inspired as I have been in a long time today. Since last night I started a community for fellow broadcast teachers in Georgia. I have already created several documents for this community. I am going to open them up so we share information. As of right now, I am the only member of this community and I am already starting discussions. Call me Crazy. Third, I am in the process of adding my new about.me to my signature on all of my email accounts. Fourth, after Monday night I updated my profile on several of my accounts. Does this picture make me look fat? professional? cool? Fifth, next year my students are writing blogs. I don’t know what about yet, but I am hoping to have the answer to that before lunch. If you need me today, I will be home tweeting, posting, creating my future. Here is my contact info.


3 thoughts on “What a Difference a Week Can Make.

  1. Well you certainly sound inspired and like you are being very proactive in your intentions to recreate your life…bravo! Don’t worry, most of us feel lost with etmooc but I think we also know that we are learning so much and changing our lives dramatically. Good for you and good luck

  2. I like the way you are lost and don’t know what you’re doing but have taken action and have lots of plans. It’s inspiring to me, who has some goals as a result of etmooc to date, but has not yet taken any action toward them (although reading your comment and replying is one baby-step toward my goals). Good luck!

  3. Lack of sleep and extreme stress sometimes are the best motivators. What can I say it has been one of those weeks. For now I am just going to plow forward put this to good use. Next week, I will be ahead and that alone will make things more peaceful. Thanks for the comments.

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